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Tm001 Compact Tape Measure

Plastic Round Compact Tape Measure. 1. Soft PVC ruler tape. 2. Auto stop and retraction. Item Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 13 mm. Package: plastic bag. Colour Range: white, black, red, blue. Decoration Area: 35 mm diameter. Decoration Methods: Pad Printing, 4CP digital printing
From $0.64 To $0.80

Bottle Opener Tool

Handy bottle opener and 4 function multi-tool.. Size : 110mm(h) x 25mm(w). Features : Featuring a bottle-opener, knife, scissors, file and corkscrew.. Packing : Packed in a plastic bag and presented in a white tuck box. Packaging Size: 110mm(w) x 30mm(h) x 13mm(d). Material : Metal Plastic. Decoration Area : LaserPad: 35mm(w) x 10mm(h)
From $2.25 To $2.61

Spanner bottle opener

Work or fun? You work it out with our spanner bottle opener. Supplied in brown cardboard packaging.Size: 145mm W x 35mm H.Imprint Size:Pad Print: 50mm W x 8mm HLaser Engrave: 60mm W x 10 mm H.Colours Available:Chrome and in Matte
From $4.65 To $4.65

Trekk Deluxe Multi Tool

This multi-tool will get you out of most situations with 9 functions as well as a handy carry pouch.. Size : Multi tool: 106mm(w) x 46mm(h) x 23mm(d) - closed, Pouch 130mm(w) x 55mm(h).. Features : Made from anodised high grade stainless steel and includes long & standard pliers, wine cutter, large & medium slotted screwdriver, Large & small knife, phillips screwdriver & saw. Supplied with nylon carry pouch & presented in a Trekk gift box.. Packing : Black hinged box with white sleeve. Material : Stainless steel, nylon carry pouch. Decoration Area : PrintLaser: 60mm(w) x 6mm(h)
From $18.68 To $21.63

Hercules Multi Tool

This feature-packed multi-tool has thirteen functions in a compact design. Supplied in a deluxe nylon pouch. Deluxe nylon pouch. BlueBlack, GreyYellow.
From $9.32 To $11.79

Tri-Side Scale Rule, Silver

Made from solid aluminium, this mini-scale rule displays 6 different scales including: 1:100, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500 and 1:600. Each rule is supplied in a transparent cylinder which is printed with your logo. Clear plastic cylinder. Silver.
From $3.51 To $4.44

Measure-Mate Scale Rule, Silver

Measure-Mate aluminium scale rule has a large print area and 5 pull-out rulers featuring 19 different scales. This product can be printed in full colour for maximum impact. 184mm x 20mm wide. Individual box. Silver.
From $5.54 To $7.00

Tradie Tool Kit

Tradie Tool Kit combines twenty useful tools in one must-have kit. Designed for use around the office or at home, these tools remain secured in place until needed. Featuring solid construction, a carry handle and see-through lid displaying your logo for all to see. . 21.8cm high x 16cm wide x 2.8cm deep. Individually boxed. Black with translucent lid.
From $10.41 To $12.21

EVA first aid kit

EVA. Product Item Size: 16.5 x 12.5 x 6 cm. Colours Available Supplier: red.
From $12.74 To $17.00

Car emergency first aid kit.

EVA. Product Item Size: 32.5 x 14 x 7.8 cm. Colours Available Supplier: red.
From $40.84 To $49.36

PP first aid kit

PP. Product Item Size: 10.8 x 9 x 3.3 cm. Colours Available Supplier: red.
From $3.72 To $4.95

ABS multifunctional tool

ABS, Steel. Product Item Size: 13.8 x 2.6 x 2 cm. Colours Available Supplier: blacksilver.
From $3.18 To $4.23

ABS safety light

ABS, Metal, Silicone. Product Item Size: 7.4 x 3.1 x 2 cm. Colours Available Supplier: black|red|lime|cobalt blue.
From $2.97 To $3.96

ABS head light

ABS. Product Item Size: 5.1 x 4.2 x 3.8 cm. Colours Available Supplier: black|light blue|lime|red.
From $8.00 To $10.65

ABS light

ABS, Metal. Product Item Size: 7.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm. Colours Available Supplier: red|lime|cobalt blue|silver.
From $2.34 To $3.12

Aluminium 2-in-1 torch

Aluminium, Cardboard, Carbon Steel. Product Item Size: 19.9 x 8 x 2.8 cm. Colours Available Supplier: black|grey|cobalt blue.
From $14.80 To $19.76

Aluminium torch

Aluminium, Metal, Rubber. Product Item Size: 0 x 2 x 57 cm. Colours Available Supplier: black|cobalt blue|silver|red|green.
From $8.72 To $11.61

5 Led Flashlight

Aluminium. Colourful aluminium barrel with silver trims. Black rubber button. Powerful with 5 LED lights. AG13 battery. Bubble bag. Red, Blue, Black. Product Size: 107Lx17D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 8Hx25W mm.
From $2.92 To $5.56


Soft Flexible Vinyl. Customise your flashlight shape on both sides. 2 LED bulbs. 2 non-replaceable lithium batteries (shelf life is several years). Wrist cord. Magnetic on back side. Momentary (press on/release off) switch. Any Shape. Product Size: Maximum Size: 150Hx150W mm. Spot Colour or 4 Colour Offset. Size: 150Hx150W mm.
From $4.17 To $6.20


PVC. Flat key light made with soft foam padding, covered with durable PVC, decorated in vibrant colours and powered by a powerful lighting system. 7 stock shapes available, optional custom shapes upon enquiry. 1 LED bulb. 2 non-replaceable lithium batteries. Black split ring. Optional packaging. Custom Shape, Stock Lightbulb PMS 123 Yellow, Stock T-Shirt PMS 286 Blue, Stock Star PMS 123 Yellow, Stock Charity Ribbon PMS 1905 Pink, Stock Paw Print PMS 192 Red, Stock Paw Print PMS 286 Blue, Stock Energy Saver Lightbulb White. Product Size: Stock Shape. Print. Size: 80Hx80W mm.
From $2.66 To $3.48

Giant Contour Flashlight

Metal. Stunning contoured flashlight. 3 watt power to go makes this flashlight a must-carry. Gift box included. Blue, Red. Product Size: 210Lx38Wx38D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 13Hx25W mm.
From $31.78 To $46.58

Tactical Flashlight

Metal. Super-powered 3 watt bulb provides up to 200 lumens on high setting. High, low and strobe settings to adapt to multiple situations. Three bulb flashlight head. Gift box included. Black. Product Size: 229Lx44Wx44D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 13Hx102W mm.
From $46.12 To $62.98


Soft Flexible Vinyl. Flat Flashlight with 2 LED bulbs. 2 Non-replaceable lithium batteries (battery shelf life lasts several years). Momentary press on/release off switch. Magnetic back. Wrist cord. BLACK. Product Size: 127Wx38Hx13D mm. Print. Size: 57x19 mm. Colours: 1.
From $3.99 To $5.48


Soft Flexible Vinyl. Flat Flashlight with 2 LED bulbs. 2 Non-replaceable lithium batteries (battery shelf life lasts several years). Momentary press on/release off switch. Magnetic back. Wrist cord. PINK. Product Size: 127Wx38Hx13D mm. Print. 57.2x19.1 mm. Colours: 1.
From $3.90 To $5.12


ABS. Flat Flashlight with 3 LED bulbs. 2 Replaceable lithium batteries (button cell CR2032 - accessed via back screws). On/off switch - stays on after pressed. Magnetic back. Retaining ring. BLACK. Product Size: 127Wx51Hx6D mm. Print. 105x38 mm. Colours: Full colour.
From $5.73 To $7.41


ABS. Flat Flashlight - in a rigid ABS plastic body. Full colour graphic inlay. Black moulded body. 4 super-bright LED bulbs. 2 replaceable lithium batteries (button cell CR2032 - quick release battery buttons). Button cell battery size CR2032. Magnetic back. BLACK. Product Size: 10x38x130 mm. Print. 25x71 mm. Colours: Full colour.
From $6.94 To $8.64

Stubby Flashlight

Metal. Short and stout. Easy to carry and amazingly powerful. This egg-shaped and LED masterpiece comes with a lanyard for easy carrying. 6 bulb flashlight head. Batteries included (2 x CR2032 / 3V). RED, BLACK, BLUE, CAMOUFLAGE, GOLD, GREEN, GUNMETAL BLACK, GUNMETAL BLUE, GUNMETAL BROWN, GUNMETAL GREEN, GUNMETAL PURPLE, GUNMETAL RED, LIGHT BLUE, ORANGE, PINK, SILVER. Product Size: 50Hx31Wx31D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. 16x16 mm (Laser Engraving).
From $6.88 To $10.04

Rain Or Shine Light

Plastic/Nylon. Umbrella with 6 LED lights in the handle. 4 white lights for use as a flashlight and 2 red for emergency flashing. Batteries included (2 x button cell CR1220-3V). Closed dimensions 26.6cm x 3.8cm diameter. Open dimensions 59.6cm x 99cm diameter. PINK, BLUE, BLACK. Product Size: Open dimensions 59.6cm x 99cm diameter. Print on handle. Size: 16Hx31W mm.
From $25.66 To $33.54

Flat Tube - Mailer Or Presentation

Paper. A unique packaging option for the Smashlight® Messenger, Thomas and Noah flat flashlights. The light slides inside the sleeve and the end is sealed with a clear tab. Optional perforated end for easy opening. Customise your artwork on the front and back as a presentation sleeve. Customise your artwork with a postcard layout on the back for sending in the post. Custom Colour. Product Size: 89Hx305W mm or 89Hx228W mm or 89Hx165W mm. Print. Size: 89Hx305W mm; 89Hx228W mm; 89Hx165W mm.
From $1.89 To $2.94

Hi Power Magnetic Emergency Light

Metal. Magnetic emergency light. 1 watt brightness flashlight comes with 18 white LED bulbs on the side. 9 red LED bulbs (6 on the side & 3 around the head) to make sure traffic can see you from multiple angles. A super strong neodymium magnet holds it upright against a metal surface. Gift box included. Gunmetal Gray. Product Size: 229Lx44Wx44D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 13Hx102W mm.
From $39.99 To $57.44
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